Saturday, July 3, 2010


I had to do it! I had to change my blog background for the fourth!!! I love it though dont you! Ill be posting some books that I fell in love with shortly too but first a HUGE MONGOUS GIGANTIC SHOUT OUT TO THE MEN AND WOMEN SERVING OUR COUNTRY TO KEEP OUR FREEDOM FREE!!!! YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!

Now onto the latest fabulous reads!

Fran Lee's Nothing But Sex completely blew my panties off!!!! This is the story of a woman who thinks she isnt worthy of a younger man because her dirtbag, cheating, gambling, lying ex husband has done a number on her self esteem. Well leave it to a thirty something HOTTIE to show her that she has plenty of sex appeal and he wants to help her flaunt it.

I dont know what to say other than Fran just rocks man! I really think this is her best book since Out of Her Dreams, well its at least my second fave of hers. Knowing me though, that will change with her next release! Seriously dont let this one get away from you.

Next stop....Sandy Sullivans Wilder Series......WOWOWOWOWWOOWWOO!

Ok...I like my heroines to be strong, independent can stand on their own two feet kinda women. So when the hero comes along she doesnt just swoon as his boots. BOY OH BOY!!! Was this the story for me! The h/h in this book blew me away! I loved every stinking minute of it! Sassy comebacks, heartbreaking developments, and serious loving!!!! Ms. Sullivan had it all in this one. Now it is part of a series but no need to read the others first. Although, I know if you read this one youll want to read the others. FABULOUS work once again to Ms. Sullivan!!!

Ok thats it for now. Im off to take a lil nap...(planted about 100 flowers today) and then Im up to review again. Because my editor is going to hunt me down and tie me to the desk if I dont! just not into her like that ya know.