Friday, May 6, 2011

HOORAY FOR CAMO!!! I have to say, in light of all the Usama being killed hoopla, it has made the men of the Special Forces look all that more appealing! Dont get me wrong I have always had a soft spot in my heart for these rugged, no named, anonymous heroes. Now, however the realness of them really sets in. Now they seem even MORE sexy, if that was even possible, and I want to devour any book with SF in it. So I went on a super secret mission in my bookshelf to find what I have already read and what some of my fave Elite Op teams are. Hope you like them. Let me know if there are some out there that are awesome and that I need to read! I know there are!

Ahhhhhhhh.....some of my first. The men of Lora Leigh's SEAL's team. These are men that know what they want and arent afraid of doing anything to get it. Strong, rugged, dangerous and completely Alpha. What could anygirl want more of??? I will admit Dangerous Games was the first of this series that I read but man....was I hooked. Clint McIntyre was the hottest thing this side of the sun as far as I was concerned. I needed more of this amazing author and team and wasnt dissapointed with any of the original SEAL teams books.

Another fave of mine....The fabulous Nina Bruhns. After the first book of this series came out I swear I stalked her for weeks to get the second book out and finally push the third out. Waiting was like pure and utter torture. Secrets abound in this series and if the first one was good...the second was better and the third....flames baby...flames. Terrorism, guns, covert ops, a fabulous plot, steaming sex...what else is there to want. Seriously Nina is a master! Lauren Dane. This woman is unbelievable. She is a master of suspense, romance, and plot. While the Federation Series and the Phantom Corps series are futuristic they are by far some of the best writing I have ever read. Every single one of these books are fantastic. I seriously couldnt put them down and had to read them in one sitting. Thats bad because I have to work every day during the week. Im currently in a 12 step program to recover from my addiction to these books...and low and behold another one comes out.

So that brings me to the question....'What is it that makes these men so attractive?'

Lets see.....

Face paint: what better way to start your romp in the sheets or the woods whatever trail you may be on than with a little makeup. I totally get this part. I would so kiss that man!

Camo: what is sexier than camo on a man? I dunno....nothing?

Guns: ya know, Im that kinda girl. While I like to have my "princess" moments as my DH calls them, I'm still the same girl that can shoot her own gun and has uttmost respect for those men packin around those beasts. They arent light after 8 days ruckin them around.

Secrecy: I mean, these men dont tell nobody nothin....seriously. The SEAL's that took down Usama will never be known, they will be the quiet heroes that go home to their lives and nobody will be the wiser that they killed one of the most heinous men ever. That takes something special. I have to totally respect that.

Languages: These guys speak numerous...can you say F*&^ Me in 14 different languages...mhm they can.

Night Vision Goggles: ohhhhh the things I could do with those......

As if all that werent is a little picture to add to my amazement.

Yeah...thats freaking way cool.

The men and women of the United States Armed Forces have my uttmost and humble respect. There is no way I could do what they do. If I see them out, I tell them that. Thank you! Thank you for protecting my freedoms that I take for granted every day. Thank you for putting your life on the line so that mine can be safer. Those that have made the ultimate sacrifice I pray watch over their brothers and sisters in combat.

To the Elite of the Elite...thank you for your quite grace under pressure. Job well done!