Friday, December 3, 2010


So here we go into the absolutely crazy times known as the holidays. The time when I just want to crawl up into my heated warm bed and snuggle because its so damn stressful!

Why you say....well let me explain.

My husband and I both come from divorced families. This made Christmas WONDERFUL when I was a kid let me tell ya. Going to two sets of parents houses for christmas not to mention the grandparents too.

Now as an adult with a child...I get totally stressed. The schedule for December goes wild about mid November.

We have my husbands mothers step children (dont get confused yet)...their mother died when they were young and his mother was their mothers best friend. She married their father (a little eeeww factor there) and helped raise the girls along with another one of their mothers best friends. So the first "christmas" we have is with this woman and her really not sure why we partake in this but its for my little boys sake apparently. Who am I to say no right?

Next stop:
Work christmas parties. Now this year is especially busy because I accepted a new position. They were gracious enough to invite me to the lunch that they have so there is Two

Then there is the current division I work for...Three

Then there is the overall division that is responsible for the department....Four

There is the entity that employs us all....Five.

Next up is One of the surgeons I work for has a Candy Cane Making party that he throws for all of his friends and kids. This is a total blast and I wouldnt miss it for the world. Six

Ok...onto Christmas Eve:
This used to be held at various houses around the city but after having my son ...I decided it wasnt very Christmas-y to be running house to house for christmas eve and not even getting to visit with family. Basically you ate....then opened presents...hugs and kisses...out the door. Next house ....ate....opened presents....hugs and kisses...out the door. We celebrated like this for a few years. Then it just got to be too much.

So now my mother, and husbands father come to our house and celebrate xmas eve. Much better situation. Just feels more like christmas...visiting and celebrating with family.

Christmas day we go to husbands moms house and some very close family friends.

Usually the day after Christmas we go to my fathers house.

Then the weekend after or before christmas we got to my grandparents house.

Oy...the work.

I swear after its all over we have a house full of insanity...and I need a 12 step program for detox! Not to mention weight watchers program for the next 4 months.

Alas....someday we will not be so fortunate to have our wonderful families so I will take time to tell them this year how important they are!

So to all you and yours from my family to you....