Monday, November 1, 2010

OH OH OH OH! Here we go!

OK OK again...forever since I blogged but hey I was a busy girl!

Went to my first Romanticon..whoooweee let me tell you the Cavemen are all they are cracked up to be and then some. I even got to wear the Boots of one of them and well...I may or may not have licked a nipple or two. Ill never tell. we go.

Cherise Sinclair is a total GODDESS! Im sure I have said this before but I will continue to say it again and again and again. The woman has uber talent and seriously I want to stalk her. Im sure I scare her somedays.

Her latest novel The Starlight Rite delves into the world of Sci-Fi. DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOU! I hesitated for like all of 5 min. before reading this book and wanted to kick myself for doing so because OMG it was utterly fabulosity! The emotions that Sinclair writes just literally drag you into the novel and make you FEEL what the characters are feeling. Wonderful book. I dont know what else to say...except go by it RIGHT NOW!

Next up...Frances Stockton.
Ok where have I been because this woman writes a sex scene that sets pages on fire! Not to mention a great suspense.

Quarterback Blitz is a fantastic tale of a Cougar getting her man. And what a man he is. WOWOWOWOWO. The way he talks is so steamy its like being in a hot shower for hours. He is completely dominant but can also be a total sweetheart for the woman he is so in love with. Now to just convince her this is more than a one night stand. He also has to figure out who is behind the sabatoge of his newfound relationship and it will shock you when he finally does.

Great read! So glad I picked this one up. Im not a huge football fan but fell in love with the QB!

sooooooo till next time y'all...there are a couple good reads.

OH off to snag Cherise Sinclairs new one....MASTER OF THE ABYSS....dont miss this one! The men from the mountain are back and better than ever! Cant wait!