Monday, May 23, 2016

Ultimate Vengeance

ULTIMATE VENGEANCE by Nancy Haviland I don’t even know where to begin with this review. Ultimate Vengeance by Nancy Haviland is nothing short of a work of torturous perfection. I will be the first to admit that I wasnt sure I was going to like Alek. He just didn’t seem gangster enough for me the first couple novels. WOW! I was so wrong. Alekzander Trasov is one of the co-founders of TarMor industries. He is super wealthy, well connected and part of a deadly family. On the outside he has it all. To those that know him they know he is missing a big part of his heart and soul that he forced away from him months ago. Sacha Urusski came to America from Russia looking for a new life. What she found was a dangerous man that worshipped the ground she walked on, until he didn’t. Alek broke Sacha in the worst possible way. Now after learning to live without Alek, she stumbles right back into his life. Alek isn’t letting her go this time no matter what lies between them. Including her new man and a huge secret she hides. That’s not all that’s stopping them though. Big problems are about to explode for the powerful Bratva that will destroy bonds, and bring those closest to the Russian mobsters reeling in loss and pain. Can this love survive all that is coming for them? I cannot sing enough praises for Ultimate Vengeance. This book captured me from line one, seriously. It never let up. I will say from the beginning you knew Alek and Sacha were going to make their way back to each other. It is the in between that kills you. My heart constricted so many times. There are a lot of loose ends tied up in this book which scares me because that means almost all of our original boys are coming to a closure. There is follow up with previous members Gabe, Maks, Vincente, and Vasily. Ohhhhh Vasily!!! We get closure with the spy in the group and man it will blow you out of the water with how deep the deception goes. There is a MAJOR cliffy at the end but it wont spoil the book. Only makes you want to get on your knees and beg Ms. Haviland to stop the torture already! The MC makes a nice cameo in Ultimate Vengeance too,and man all I can say is I will go ahead and be the cheese in that Vex/Vasily sandwich please! Those are two bad azz men! I say this everytime I review her novels but seriously this was by far my favorite…so far. Do not miss Ultimate Vengeance !!!!