Sunday, April 26, 2009

Morgan Ashbury, not only a Wonderful author, and Im not just talking about her Magic and Love series, her books are outstanding and she is a wonderful author. Not only that but an easy person to talk to and will talk with her which I am. So...The Prince and The Single Mom, this is a great story. I was a little apprehensive at first b/c when I started reading this I thought it was going to be based on Hannah, a woman almost 50 finding a new lover...not that I mind this...but I was like well that wouldnt be what I would call a single mom..ya know. Soooo then you come to find out that Hannahs daughter is actually the single mom and she is the one who meets the Prince, that is when I fell in love with Hannah. B/c she met a reg man on vaca that was so hot, steam rolled off him. There is quite a clinker that comes to be known, Ill let you buy the book to find out. Just trust me when I say this whole series is just wonderful!!! Im sooooo glad I didnt have to wait for them to come out one by one!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some new books!!

brain for some seriously steamy, and good reads. Yeah, I'd hafta say she has yet to dissapoint me. So I had been tempted by this title for a while and just got to it and now that I finished im like why why do I wait to read this by Selena when I know its gonna be good? Trapped is the story of Kit a vampire mercenary who was offered to Rysen years ago as a political agreement to keep her clan safe. He didnt realize that she was in love with him from the get go. When he denied her, she got pissed and decided that was it for his ass. Years later when they meet up again Rysen is the one lusting after the gorgeous Kit. She is no fool though and he screwed her over once and can just as easily do it again. They are gonna have to overcome some serious inhibitions to come together, but the love scenes are wicked hot!!!!
Some other great titles by Selena are: Del Fantasma: Mudslide, and Del Fantasma: White Russian, and With His Mind....seriously if you see one of her titles just pick it up. She does a great plot and even better sex!

Selena is at the forefront of my

Man...I just found this author...Summer Jordan..let me tell you, when I see her titles from now on I am going to snag them up. Girl can write some steamy erotica!!! Naked Truth is about a woman whose jerk of a b/f dumps her cold and she ya know gets a little depressed and gains some weight..hey havent we all been there? So her friends, who god love em, hook her up with a vaca. Only its a vaca on an exotic island with a sexual image specialist whoa!!!! you had me at sex...when Sheri meets Kirk sparks ignite and these two have some steamy moments. But can they both admit to what they are feeling other than just the sexual healing or will they let what is blossoming between them go up in flames. Really good read!

Friday, April 17, 2009 its birthday numero 32 today...not too bad, sun is shining its about 70 degrees out and im not at work. Cant wait to go out tonight for some crab legs and cocktails...not in that exact order. Getting ready for my easter dinner after easter. Baking apple pie and ham and all the good stuff. Nothing better than having friends and family over for dinner to make you thankful for what you have. Cant wait.

Oh and just went Platinum Blonde courtesy of one of the best ever hairstylists...James Mondo! he is such a wonderful person and my hair has never looked better. Much love and thanks go out to him. So Im off to check on that pie!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon's Witch Hunt!!!

I just hopped online and started checking out some of my emails and low and behold to my shock Amazon Amazon stripping erotic and GLBT titles of ratings
Hi everybody! By now, you’ve probably heard about this, but if not, a brief recap:

Today, Easter Sunday (or Palm Sunday, if you’re Orthodox) Amazon decided to remove all GLBT titles (and a LOT of erotic romance titles) from their sales rankings, effectively “hiding” them from the best seller lists. Would the fact that Erastes’ Transgressions and Alex Beecroft’s False Colors were topping some of thoses lists have anything to do with it? You tell me (and congratulations, Alex!)

In Amazon’s mind, these books don’t “deserve” to be there. They don’t “deserve” to be seen. It might offend somebody. Well, I’ll tell ya, there’s a lot of things that offend me in this world — that doesn’t mean I expect the world to make those things disappear to make me comfortable.

So on Easter Sunday, a day when possibly more than any other we should be embracing the ideals of acceptance and love, Amazon has seen fit to do this. If you, like me, DON’T feel it’s an appropriate action for Easter (or ever) for a bookseller to decide what books “deserve” to be listed as best-sellers (call me weird, I thought the books that deserved to be best-sellers were the ones that uh, uhmmm… sold the best?) there are a few things you can do:

1. Sign the petition
has decided to play big brother to what we get to read ...removing the GLBT and Erotic titles b/c the might offend...well...Im offended! I have spent a ton of money at amazon and even though I dont read GLBT, I DO NOT believe in censorship!! Its like racism...there is no place for this! I am a grown woman and dont need Amazon telling me what I should and should not read! Please link to the petition that Sierra so kindly put in her post below!!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man...Cherise Sinclaire is fast becoming one of my fave authors!!! Dark Citadel is one of the hottest books I have read! Its even better than her first novel Club Shadowlands! I highly recommend reading the first, just b/c its so great too, but there is no need to read it prior to this one if you dont want to b/c Dark will stand alone. Master Dan is the ultimate dom and God where can I find one of those! He is a tortured soul also, which always makes for a great hero. Kari is conservative and caring, the BDSM life fascinates her but some of it really makes her shy. She is no skinny minnie either, which makes me love the book even more! Kari comes to Shadowlands with her current off and on boyfriend who is not so nice once they arrive. They end up parting ways the first night they are there and she is teamed up with Master Dan (I could only be so lucky). Master Dan lost his wife three years prior and has shut his heart down to any love at all. He blames himself for her death and nothing will change that. Or will it. Kari might be just what he needs to break out of his self loathing shell. There is such great chemistry between the two of them, and I really can identify with Kari not wanting to but wanting to give up control. Very hard thing to do with some of the requests wanted by Master Dan...just trust me on this...its a great book!!!!
Congrats out to Cherise. Now I have heard another Shadowlands book is on the way, and this one is going to be a darker one with Master Nolan! Whooo hoooo! Let the countdown begin!