Thursday, April 9, 2009

Man...Cherise Sinclaire is fast becoming one of my fave authors!!! Dark Citadel is one of the hottest books I have read! Its even better than her first novel Club Shadowlands! I highly recommend reading the first, just b/c its so great too, but there is no need to read it prior to this one if you dont want to b/c Dark will stand alone. Master Dan is the ultimate dom and God where can I find one of those! He is a tortured soul also, which always makes for a great hero. Kari is conservative and caring, the BDSM life fascinates her but some of it really makes her shy. She is no skinny minnie either, which makes me love the book even more! Kari comes to Shadowlands with her current off and on boyfriend who is not so nice once they arrive. They end up parting ways the first night they are there and she is teamed up with Master Dan (I could only be so lucky). Master Dan lost his wife three years prior and has shut his heart down to any love at all. He blames himself for her death and nothing will change that. Or will it. Kari might be just what he needs to break out of his self loathing shell. There is such great chemistry between the two of them, and I really can identify with Kari not wanting to but wanting to give up control. Very hard thing to do with some of the requests wanted by Master Dan...just trust me on this...its a great book!!!!
Congrats out to Cherise. Now I have heard another Shadowlands book is on the way, and this one is going to be a darker one with Master Nolan! Whooo hoooo! Let the countdown begin!

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