Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amazon's Witch Hunt!!!

I just hopped online and started checking out some of my emails and low and behold to my shock Amazon Amazon stripping erotic and GLBT titles of ratings
Hi everybody! By now, you’ve probably heard about this, but if not, a brief recap:

Today, Easter Sunday (or Palm Sunday, if you’re Orthodox) Amazon decided to remove all GLBT titles (and a LOT of erotic romance titles) from their sales rankings, effectively “hiding” them from the best seller lists. Would the fact that Erastes’ Transgressions and Alex Beecroft’s False Colors were topping some of thoses lists have anything to do with it? You tell me (and congratulations, Alex!)

In Amazon’s mind, these books don’t “deserve” to be there. They don’t “deserve” to be seen. It might offend somebody. Well, I’ll tell ya, there’s a lot of things that offend me in this world — that doesn’t mean I expect the world to make those things disappear to make me comfortable.

So on Easter Sunday, a day when possibly more than any other we should be embracing the ideals of acceptance and love, Amazon has seen fit to do this. If you, like me, DON’T feel it’s an appropriate action for Easter (or ever) for a bookseller to decide what books “deserve” to be listed as best-sellers (call me weird, I thought the books that deserved to be best-sellers were the ones that uh, uhmmm… sold the best?) there are a few things you can do:

1. Sign the petition
has decided to play big brother to what we get to read ...removing the GLBT and Erotic titles b/c the might offend...well...Im offended! I have spent a ton of money at amazon and even though I dont read GLBT, I DO NOT believe in censorship!! Its like racism...there is no place for this! I am a grown woman and dont need Amazon telling me what I should and should not read! Please link to the petition that Sierra so kindly put in her post below!!!!

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