Thursday, June 18, 2015

More sexy Russian mobsters!!

Ms. Haviland has scored a winner with this book! 

An Obsession with Vengeance, is the third book in Nancy Haviland's Wanted Men series.  In my opinion the best of the series so far.  Maksim Kirov: Russian, arrogant, sexy and tattooed, computer wiz.  This man is sex walking.  Everything about him is confidence and all man.  Especially in the bedroom.  His upbringing less than a fairy tale, he controls everything around him and is loyal to the extreme to his pakhan.

Sydney Martin: mysterious blonde Aussie that Maks wants under him bad.  She is confident and keeps Maks at arms length, something he isnt used to at all.  When trouble comes right to Sydneys front door the only man she can trust is the one she is most afraid of.  Asking Maksim for help might just be her downfall, because the man is seriously tempting.

 Maks is master of his world and he likes it that way, but Sydney has thrown him.  She has more secrets than he can figure out and that is something foreign to him because he can find anything on anyone.  Sydney has her reasons for the secrets but can Maksim and the boys get her to divulge them before it costs them or her their lives? 

While all that is going on somebody very close to the Tarasov crew is betraying them.  Finding their weakest links, their loved ones, and striking out at them.  

I would read anything Nancy writes. At this point she has me completely hooked.  Her characters are well thought out and she has brought more of them to the forefront with Obsession.  Vasily, the leader, has stolen my heart.  Lorenzo's story line just floored me and I am begging for more of him.  The previous couples are in the story and its so nice to get some follow up in their lives.  Micha is very present in Obsession and man, when he falls its gonna be hard.  I can not wait.  This story had so many twists and turns it kept me on my toes.  Great writing by Ms. Haviland for sure.  

Its getting hot for the Tarasov Clan - can they stop the inferno waiting to consume them?