Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Some new books!!

brain for some seriously steamy, and good reads. Yeah, I'd hafta say she has yet to dissapoint me. So I had been tempted by this title for a while and just got to it and now that I finished im like why why do I wait to read this by Selena when I know its gonna be good? Trapped is the story of Kit a vampire mercenary who was offered to Rysen years ago as a political agreement to keep her clan safe. He didnt realize that she was in love with him from the get go. When he denied her, she got pissed and decided that was it for his ass. Years later when they meet up again Rysen is the one lusting after the gorgeous Kit. She is no fool though and he screwed her over once and can just as easily do it again. They are gonna have to overcome some serious inhibitions to come together, but the love scenes are wicked hot!!!!
Some other great titles by Selena are: Del Fantasma: Mudslide, and Del Fantasma: White Russian, and With His Mind....seriously if you see one of her titles just pick it up. She does a great plot and even better sex!

Selena is at the forefront of my

Man...I just found this author...Summer Jordan..let me tell you, when I see her titles from now on I am going to snag them up. Girl can write some steamy erotica!!! Naked Truth is about a woman whose jerk of a b/f dumps her cold and she ya know gets a little depressed and gains some weight..hey havent we all been there? So her friends, who god love em, hook her up with a vaca. Only its a vaca on an exotic island with a sexual image specialist whoa!!!! you had me at sex...when Sheri meets Kirk sparks ignite and these two have some steamy moments. But can they both admit to what they are feeling other than just the sexual healing or will they let what is blossoming between them go up in flames. Really good read!

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Caffey said...

Hi Wendy! I met you on the Two Lips Review chatting and love seeing what others are reading! I too love Selena's books and have TRAPPED in my reader to read! I do have more to get of hers and bet after reading TRAPPED I'll be getting more! I haven't read Summer Jordan but going to go find her site too! I found another book that interest me, LONG HARD TEXAN! I'm gonna plan to get that one!
Will be visiting here often! Great to meet a reader who enjoy these steamy reads too!