Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ok so wow it been like forever since I blogged...summer comes and I get so freaking busy being outdoors and all. Buuuut...I did manage to get some great reads in and Im gonna post them for ya....

First up....

Trista Ann Michaels is a goddess when it comes to Romantic Suspense. The woman can write a freaking HAWT story!!!! Slaves, left me fanning myself for at least an hour trying to cool off. Beyond the sex though is the storyline that just never quits. So much inner betrayal going on and turmoil between the hero and heroine and their families. I often wish I had the mind of this author to come up with utterly fabulous storylines like this!!! Slaves is not one but the story of two women that are both unwillingly in the sex slave trade. Lin goes to rescue her friend Keeran and Tony comes to save Lin. Tony and Lin's dynamic is like adding fuel to flame. Its so hot it just about combusted my laptop. Aiden is the man hot on the trail of Keeran She knows him very well and they both were left stunned by the passion they felt for each other when the met prior to all this. Somehow the men that love them have to find a way to rescue the two of them without being discovered as moles in the secret world. Serious intensity here! Highly recommend this read!!!


One of my all time fave authors EVER!!! Cherise Sinclair. Im a total fan girl and not ashamed to admit that she is lucky she lives so far away from the midwest because I seriously would stalk her and it would probably scare her. The woman writes some of the best BDSM/Romance EVER!!! Not to harsh, not to light, its really just right. Lean on Me is book for in the Masters of The Shadowlands series and is the story of Cullen, who if you know any of her work is the bartender at Shadowlands, and Andrea. Andrea has a history of people letting her down starting with her father who was drunk most of her childhood. She wants a Dom...but he cant be a pansy Dom. She wants a Dom that KNOWS what he is doing...or does she? When she finds Cullen is just that Dom, she might have signed up for a little more than she realized.

What I love also about Lean on Me is the fact that we get to see all of our other faves from The Shadowlands...which are all, by the way, fave reads of mine.

Number 3:

Drilled by Regina Carlysle-ok so I am not a big Cougar fan...but let me tell ya! Ms. Carlysle just hit my high note ...woooooweeee...this is one hot read! Drilled is the story of Lori and Jack. Lori is still recovering from a bitter divorce two years ago. After moving back out to her grandparents house she meets the owner of the oil drilling company that is drilling on her property. Boy does she ever meet him! Jackson is a hot, hands on, hard working man. He might be younger than her but he is done playing the field and Lori is just what this oil man is looking for. Can he convince her he is the staying kind, especially when Lori's ex husband shows up wanting a second chance? Ms Carlysle is not only one AWESOME writer, she is very much a wonderful lady! She always takes time to talk with her adoring fans and Im not the only one who says me. I have sooooo many of her books on my TBR pile that have now worked their way up to the top of my list. Awesome read!

So in a nutshell there are some books to start you out with. LOL!!!

Of course all these wonderful reads have official reviews on them up at the wonderful site

Go check them out!!!


Cherise Sinclair said...

Pansy Doms? LOL! Thanks for the great review--and for the guy pix on the side. Wonderful way to start the day. :-)

Hales said...

Great words! I loved all three books too

Regina Carlysle said...

HAHHAHA. Just realized you mentioned me on your blog. THANKS!!!! So glad you like Drilled and I can't wait to meet you at Romanticon!!!!