Thursday, March 5, 2015

Russians and and Bikers...OH MY!!!

So here is yet another author I had never heard of but have completely fallen in love with her world!

Nancy Haviland's Wanted Men series is something you want to jump in and just be a part of.  The Salvation of Vengeance is Vincente and Nika's story.  Number two in the series, but dont let that deter you.  I was able to pick this book up, and since Ms. Haviland is so good at weaving a story, barely knew it was a series...but I hoped!

Ok so Salvation hooks you right from the start.  Our heroine Nika is in a horrid marriage with a seriously abusive all around jerk.  Well why does she stay, you ask yourself...good question-the answer is the damming video evidence hubby has on her beloved brother.  Her only living family.  He also happens to be the VP of an MC.  (hoping to see some stories on this group of hotties too.)  Nika will do everything to protect those she loves and she proves this time and time again in this book.  Nika is mearly biding her time until she can get her hands on that video.  

Her moment comes when her best friend asks her to be in her wedding.  The daughter of a Russian mob boss marrying the Italian mob boss, Gabriel.  Things are bound to be steamy right!?  Gabriels right hand man Vicente, successful, handsome, haunted and deadly has taken an interest in Nika but his past and her being married prevents him from pursuing any kind of normal future ever.  

When Nika finally gets  the evidence its only a matter of time before a violent and extremely pissed off husband comes looking for her.  Now Vin is going to have to come face to face with his past and move forward if he wants a future with the woman who heats his blood like no other.  

I could divulge this whole story but I wont-because seriously- you have GOT to pick up this book! 
Ms. Haviland's work hooks you right from the start.  I seriously could not put ths book down.  I read it all night and then on my lunch break just to finish.  There was not a dull moment.  Beyond the action was the back story. You really felt like you knew these characters. Like you could walk through the door and be welcomed into the family.  Yeah they are violent at times, yeah your moral compass goes a little wonky at the lifesyle, but oh man the love, and loyalty totally overlooks all that.  

Vin took a long time making a decision but he stole my heart at every turn.  The supporting cast had me so hooked I stopped reading to go check her website to make sure all my other faves were going to get a story.  By God they are, and I cannot wait! 

Anything I didnt like?  Well aside from the abusive situations, that were pretty horrific but completely needed for the story, no.  

I am hooked on this family!  Very well written and I am a fan for life!

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