Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Steele Jackals Book 1

I came across a picture of this book cover and fell in love with it.  Now if you know me, you know I am a total cover whore and will buy any book with a great cover.  So, being the assertive (insert wink) reader that I am, I emailed the author to see if she would be kind enough to allow me to review it prior to release.  She was kind enough to let me.  So here we go...

Tish has had one hell of a childhood. Her mother is a strung out drug addict that would rather get her fix than put food on the table.  Tish ends up always being the parent in this relationship, cleaning up after her mothers binges, making excuses to her school and the authorities. 

Tish's saving grace comes in the form of an Uncle she never met and his MC club.  

Enter golden eyed giant Josh Sylvan aka The Guardian.  Josh is going to make sure Tish's life gets a little normalcy and happiness. Until the day the police come to take Josh away.  Accused of a crime he takes the rap for Tish's deadbeat mother hoping she would step up and take care of her daughter while he was away.  

No such luck.

Here is where the juicy stuff starts.  Three years later guess who is out of prison?  Yep that big bodied hunk Josh is home.  Tish  has waited for this  man for what seems like forever.  She is hopelessly in love with him and plans on making him hers. 

Keep in mind here Josh is quite a bit older than Tish but she is of consenting age when things get dirty.  There is a lot of dirty in this novel too.  Josh is one pent up horny alpha who gets a little silly at the thought of other people being intimate with Tish.  

Tish is so naiive it can be a little too much at times.  I thought the book had lots of sex but little story.  There are bits and pieces of a bigger story but we  dont get to delve into that with this book.  But good lord some of the things he says to her will melt the words right off your ereader.

I feel like the story is just out of reach and maybe with the next book we will really get slammed with emotion and angst.  Book 1, aside from a crappy childhood, wasnt gritty enough for me.  The series has potential though.  Looking forward to alot more dirt to come  out with number  two. 

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