Saturday, August 23, 2008


Anxiously awaiting this one...then Rhevenge story!! Total addict to JR Wards writing!

Ok it...LOVED IT!!! Now I have to say that I am NOT one of the crazed "cellies" yeah I susbscribe to the msg board but that is just to get the skinny on new and upcoming things. I was a little worried about the direction that Ward was going, and to be honest I was waiting to see how the novella in this book played out to decide whether I wanted to go on reading her books...well let me just say my faith has been restored! She really explains alot in this book. It also finishes some of the characters and explains them much better than their own books. IE: V and Jane. Although I loved the book, some didnt...great little addition to them in the novella. I am so looking forward to Rhevs story now. I did think the "old language" pictures were stupid. I mean come on. The interviews were interesting and she gave some good pointers for those writers trying to break into the market. I am glad I purchased it.

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