Monday, November 3, 2008

Vamps are forever

Vampires are Forever by Lynsay Sands Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok so this book I picked up on a Im gonna give Sands one more chance try. I read her book accidental vampire, and it was the slowest most painful book to try and get through. Honestly I just finally flipped to the back of the book to see if somebody eventually got their HEA...
N E Way...somebody on another authors blogpost told me to try another one of her stories that they are better than that one.
So I did...well....this book was much much better really moved alot quicker. Her heroine was really pretty good, except for the part where she lost all my respect...we will get to that. Thomas the hero is putting on this front for his family cuz he is a music composer and that just isnt manly enough ( I have to say that when I read this I was like huh)and he talks to certain ones in the context of "dude, and yo". I am a BIG alpha male type girl, and that just isnt impressive. So...on with the story. Inez is this big VP at Argeneau Enterprises in the european division, which she has worked her butt off for, she is strong, agressive and pretty smart obviously. So she is supposed to help Thomas look for his Aunt who has dissapeared and low and behold Inez is sposed to help...ends up thinking he is totally hot blah blah blah...ok so now for my gripes...Thomas is all into romance. He draws her a bubble bath, orders her room service , really throughout the whole book he is romancing her and that is all good except that it kinda gets old after a while. She starts to like him and they end up getting caught up in some fight where Thomas gets stabbed. Now for my ultimate gripe. So Thomas gets stabbed, yet gets Inez back safetly to their hotel, and she realized that the knife is still in his back. Oh and that he is losing a ton of what does she do...she pussyfoots around for what seems like forever debating on whether or not she can stomach pulling this knife out. Hullo! He just saved your worthless ass. Gimmee a break! After much deliberation she finally pulls it out, oh thats after she goes and gets some towels to staunch the bleeding. Whatever. I totally wanted to throw the book at this point. So just to piss me off even further, after some of the bleeding gets stopped she throws some bags of blood down for him to feed off when he wakes (if he wakes) and she goes out on her own. Ok Ok Ok...this lady is supposed to be a VP of a huge corporation and she cant think to stay to see if dude is going to live. WTF!!!! How f-ing hard could it be to pull a knife out of a mans back, you know the hottest guy you ever saw and one you know is supposed to be your lifemate. Again WTF!!! I just couldnt go further that day. Had to put it down. When I picked it back up ole stupid went and got herself some memories erased by another bad vamp cuz she was out without Thomas and then Thomas totally saps out on us. Needless to say I am done with this book. So irritating. I hate wasting my time!

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