Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where the Rain is Made

So I was on Shelfari, and I was asked to be a friend of Keta Diablo of course I accepted cuz hullo she has an awsome list...and she recommended this one to me! Let me just tell you this is a great read.
Ethan Gray is a time traveling Dog Soldier of the Cheyenne. He is sent back in time at various points to try to save as many of his "people" as he can. This trip sends him straight to his the name of Francesca Duvall (btw...I am just loving that name it just like rolls off your tongue). So Cesca is living in the Colorado Territory with her father and bro, they are mining for gold...ya most of the white folk that were in that area in the 1800's. The mine camp is attacked by the Dog Soldiers and she is captured by Meko aka Ethan Gray. Woohooo...I am telling you what, I read this book all night and into the next day.
There was conflict after conflict. Cesca is one of my FAVORITE heroines....and let me tell you why, she is STRONG!!!! She isnt afraid of what may happen to her and she is willing to risk everything to help her brother escape his terrible captor. She is willing to take risks to find Meko at the end, she isnt afraid of what befalls her, only wanting safety for others. I guess its like me...thats why I like strong heroines. Maybe thats why Im a nurse, always looking out for others first...oh whoops thats another rant. Ok back to Rain. So like I said, so much conflict...I was laughing, crying and rooting for the h/h the whole time.
I think there is something to be said for a book that makes your heart stop, hurt, and really feel what the characters are feeling.
So the other thing I love about this book is this...K. Celeste totally divine. She responds ever so graciously to her emails and personally has been involved with my reading this novel. I am such a book whore...I totally will pimp this book out to everyone I know. It really speaks volumes about the author when they are willing to take the time to talk to you and help you break into the group of romance writers.
So my hat is off to you K. Bryan, the Divine. Thank you for all your help!~

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