Monday, February 9, 2009


So I just gotta ask what the fuck. And this is what for...what the hell is going on in this country, no not just this country, but Ill include Australia in this too because hey...they made the news. What is the deal with parents killing their children. HOW in the name of GOD does this happen? I mean you have poor baby Grace, baby Caylee, the little girl from Australia whose father threw her over a bridge right in front of her brothers and that poor baby lived for a few hours. Is life so hard that now they are takikng it out on their children. What could they have possibly done to deserve such a terrible life? It is unfathomable to me. I am not saying I havent had my day with my son but lord, to even think of hurting him in such a manor goes against every fiber of my being. And I have to say that I used to think people were crazy for saying they would kill for their children but seriously after I had my son...I really knew what they were talking about. I would personally destroy anyone who would hurt him like these parents hurt their own. I guess that is what it comes down to, who protects the innocent from their supposed protectors? If they dont want these babies...give them to people who would love them and cherish them. There are plenty of us out their. I have absolutely no trouble concieving another child if I want to but the point is one is enough for me. But I swear if somebody said they were going to hurt their child if they didnt get away from them, I would open my doors to as many as possible and I know people just like me who would do the same.

So that is my rant tonight. I just dont get it is all.

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