Friday, March 27, 2009

Showing some L~O~V~E~ for my new discoveries

First of all you can read reviews on all of the following novels at - some are my reviews and some are others, but trust me we wont lead you astray!

Elle Kennedy can write one steamy novel let me tell you! This is book 2 in the series and I fully intend to go back and read book 1...didnt know it was there. Carson is a Navy SEAL and a bad boy to boot...but oh so good in the sack...funny how when the tables are turned and he wants a relationship but the heroine Holly doesnt makes for really interesting reading. Plus who doesnt love a man in uniforem. Hooahhh!

Dee Shore is an awsome writer. I stumbled upon The Finisher by accident and fell in love with the characters. Sage and Presley are so great together and this is a romance that has steam without the steam if you know what i mean. I find it rare that a story like that not only holds my attention, but hooks me into more of her work. Plus her heroine is not crack whore thin YEAH FOR THE PINUP GIRLS!!! She has set up a really great world here and to my extreme happiness she is going to continue this series with Matts story! Dee is also a really nice person to email. She responds quickly and I love it when authors take the time to talk to us fans.

Here is another of my current fave titles....this is actually quite a bit racier than the previous b/c it is full i wasnt too sure about this myself but man oh man with the characters in this story you will find yourself trying to get lost on the back roads of Florida looking for this "Club" check it out if you dare! The story is delish and Master Z is the stuff only your wildest dreams are made of!!
Cherise is another really awsome person. She is so polite and I have emailed her personally to tell her how much I love her stories...I was bummed that I didnt get to review them but, the girl that did really did her justice! Way to go Victoria!

And last but oh so def. not least is Kaitlin Maitland. Phoenix Rising is another one of my new faves...Connor and Jessa...Poor Jessa her low life cheating rat bastard of a husband decided he didnt want her anymore and that she would just be screwed. Aint that just like a man...well she is going to show him and Connor is just what the doc ordered. She isnt used to the kind of bar Connor owns...she is a pampered upscale princess...but she learns how to loosen up really quickly (as would I im sure) under Connors skillful hands. I emailed Kaitlin and am hoping that she will be revisiting the Phoenix soon! She emailed me back that im not the only one hoping that and that she is thinking about it....please please please...s'all im sayin!

So that is my rant for this evening and hope I did some justice for these three wonderful authors!!!

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