Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Fave!!!

Tonya Ramagos' Rock Hard Seduction series is seriously one worth reading. This cover that I have posted is by far one of the best yet in the just check out that package!!!

The series follows the band members of Facade a hard rock band, and let me tell you these are some hot men.
The first in the series Voices and Lies is about the lead singer Derek and how he is trying to get away from the life of fame for a little r & r. The heroine Alicia is completely enamored with him and imagine her shock when he shows up at her sisters famous b & b for his relaxing vaca. The story is completely steamy and totally heartwrenching, I have gone back over and over again to read the ending and just cant get enough of the emotion that runs through these two. This one is on my highly recomended read list.

Book number two is Picking Art, this one is about Suzanne and Garret the bands guitar player. Now I didnt think I would like this one near as much as the first but Garret was such a contrast to Derek that it was refreshing. Suzanne is a prim and proper lady, never heard of the band and that I think makes her even more appealing to Garret. This is truly a great romance novel with a really wonderful HEA.

Book three is Sports Beat, now this one I knew I would like! I first read blurbs on this book and discovered the others and was hooked from the minute I read the blurbs. This is Melody and Reese's story. Two very headstrong people not looking to be in a relationship at all. Melody is a very strong, proud, smart heroine with a past that is a little haunting. Her brother is a famous hockey player and is friends with Reese Torrin drummer of the band facade. Reese had never met Melody until the night they were at a game and he was sitting next to her badmouthing a play her bro made. Mel didnt take shit from anybody and let him know that. I think it was love at first snap for these two they just didnt know it. There are a lot of ups and downs in this one and I swear Tonya does justice for all of these books.

Now for book number four that I am anxiously awaiting!
Magical Riffs-This is the story of Diana. She is Alicia from book ones best friend and she has been present throughout the whole series. I was at first dissapointed when she didnt get hooked up with Reese b/c she was enamored with him in the first book. But after reading Reese's story I came to realize that Diana and Reese being great friends actually just fit. So to find out that Diana finally is going to get her HEA is wonderful. Now how does this tie into the band Facade, well let me tell you. Funny how the world works sometimes isnt it. Facade recently lost one of the bands originall members due to him having a family and not wanting to tour anymore...understandable. Looking for a new bass player, in walks James to the auditions. He is an immediate fit for the band. When Diana hears his name, emotions tear through her and suspense of all suspense as this happens in Reese's story we are left wondering what the hell happened between these two. Dammit!!!!
Thank God it comes out in like two weeks!!!! Less actually.

Now my love for Tonya goes beyond this series as the woman can write some of the steamiest sex scenes ever! She has some menage books that I think burned my ram up on my computer. Her heroes of silver springs series is another of my faves and swear the woman has met one of my all time fave bands....DISTURBED!!! God...I cant tell he enough how jealous I am of this!!! Plus and this is one of my fave things about an author. She is very easy to talk to, she emails you back and I find that refreshing.

So I would highly recommend pretty much anything she writes....


Tonya said...

Hi Wendy. I finally made it to check out your blog and lo and behold what do I find? A truly amazing write up for the Rock Hard Seduction series! Thanks so much. You're fabulous!

Sandy Sullivan said...

I absolutely loved all of Tonya's books about the boys of Facade! I can't agree with you more and I hope you've had a chance to read Magical Riffs since this post.